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11 Cheap Wedding Venues In Detroit, Michigan

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Cheap Wedding Venues In Detroit

Finding affordable wedding venues in Detroit is easier. For a unique, budget-friendly option, consider the Belle Isle Conservatory, offering lush gardens and an airy conservatory. The Detroit Historical Museum’s charming exhibits and historical ambiance are perfect for history enthusiasts. The Eastern Detroit in the Eastern Market district provides a versatile industrial space for a more urban feel. Those seeking a natural setting should explore the Dossin Great Lakes Museum on Belle Isle, boasting waterfront views and a nautical theme. The Jam Handy, a renovated industrial building, offers a blank canvas for creative couples. Lastly, the Silver Shores Waterfront provides stunning river views and customizable packages. Each venue offers its charm, catering to various styles and budgets, making your Detroit wedding memorable and affordable.

    1. The Eastern

Eastern, located in Detroit’s historic Eastern Market, is a unique venue enthralling by its industrial charm space. The spacious layout and no restrictions regarding the selection of vendors allow for abundant personalization, making it the perfect venue for various occasions, including elegant weddings and corporate events. The unique architectural design of the venue and the ease of plenty of parking space and an expansive patio increase its appeal to those who want an industrial, modern location.

However, prospective clients must be aware of a few restrictions, like the venue’s size and occasional difficulties in communication between staff. You should be clear and precise in your communications, ensuring that all terms are clearly understood and that agreements are properly documented. Despite these issues, The East stands out because of its capacity to change into an ideal place that provides a unique and unforgettable backdrop for special events within the city of Detroit.


  1. Offers a flexible, customizable event space.
  2. Allows personal caterers, vendors, and coordinators.
  3. Convenient location with ample parking.
  4. Features an attractive outdoor patio area.
  5. Boasts unique industrial aesthetics.

Basic Info

Address:     3434 Russell St Suite 501, Detroit, MI 48207, United States
Contact:      +13139141104

   2. Roostertail

Roostertail, located in Detroit, has become a sought-after location for weddings, especially those that are renowned for its breathtaking riverside location and stylish remodel. The extensive service, which includes precise planning and coordination, will ensure a relaxed and pleasant experience for guests and hosts alike. The venue’s charm is amplified by its stunning fountains and well-maintained areas that create an elegant and sophisticated sense.

The menu of culinary delights at Roostertail is a significant draw and includes a wide selection of delicious dishes that stand out in flavor and appearance. The restaurant’s capacity to handle the entire event from catering to seating arrangements– adds to its appeal. It offers ease and efficiency all under one roof.

The Roostertail’s team of dedicated employees, well-known for their professionalism and attention to detail, play an essential part in ensuring that each event is personalized and adjusting seamlessly to any the changing needs of the event while ensuring that every aspect is handled with diligence. Overall, the Roostertail is a top selection in Detroit that combines stunning views, outstanding service, and an incredibly versatile location to help create memorable, top-quality events.


  1. Thorough planning and coordination for seamless events.
  2. Beautiful riverside location with stunning views.
  3. Delicious, well-presented culinary offerings.
  4. Handles all event aspects for convenience.
  5. Polite, attentive staff ensuring personalized service.

Basic Info

Address:     100 Marquette Dr, Detroit, MI 48214, United States
Contact:      +13138221234

   3. Colony Club Detroit

Colony Club is a prestigious wedding venue in Detroit known for its elegance and professionalism. The venue’s historical charm and well-maintained facility create a beautiful setting for special events. Its ability to provide comprehensive services is what makes it stand out. This includes catering, coordination, decoration, and other aspects.

The team is a key attraction. They are often praised for being attentive and able to customize experiences to meet individual needs. This ensures that each event is memorable and unique. The venue is often praised for its service and ambiance, but it’s also important to note there are sometimes concerns about food quality or space management at more significant events.

The Colony Club is an excellent choice for weddings in Detroit. It offers a unique blend of historic beauty, exceptional customer service, and a welcoming atmosphere.


  1. Thorough event coordination for seamless planning.
  2. High-quality catering with diverse menu options.
  3. Historic venue offering grand, romantic ambiance.
  4. Personalized attention to every detail.
  5. All-inclusive amenities for convenient event hosting.

Basic Info

Address:      2310 Park Ave, Detroit, MI 48201, United States
Contact:       +13134634215

    4. Gem Theatre Detroit

Gem Theatre, located in Detroit, is the best venue for weddings and special events and is renowned for its excellent service and historical elegance. This luxurious location, situated in the middle of the city, close to Ford Field, offers a unique blend of traditional architecture and modern facilities, making it a perfect venue for various events. The staff members are highly praised for their attentiveness to details, ensuring smooth coordination and a relaxing experience for guests and hosts alike.

From delicious appetizers to exquisite main dishes, the food menus of the Gem Theatre consistently exceed expectations with their culinary offerings, adding a touch of elegance to each occasion. The versatility of the theatre to various themes, as well as the ease of parking facilities on site, increases its attraction. Although minor issues such as accessibility to restrooms are mentioned, they are largely ignored by the overall appeal of the venue. The Gem Theatre is one of the most popular destinations in Detroit for making memorable memories in a chic and professional environment.


  1. Outstanding event coordination by dedicated staff.
  2. Exquisite catering with diverse, delicious options.
  3. Historic, elegant venue with unique charm.
  4. Central location with convenient, free parking.
  5. Versatile theming for personalized events.

Basic Info

Address:     333 Madison St, Detroit, MI 48226, United States
Contact:     +13134634215

    5. Waterview Loft

Waterview Loft, situated on the beautiful Detroit Riverfront, epitomizes elegance and comfort for various occasions. The modern and industrial style combined with breathtaking views of the city skyline and river creates a unique atmosphere. The venue’s all-inclusive packages featuring different vendors simplify the planning process and ensure each detail is handled carefully. The outstanding staff is an outstanding feature, offering personal, attentive service essential to every occasion’s overall enjoyment and success.

The culinary excellence is a further hallmark of Waterview Loft, with guests frequently praising the delicious and well-prepared food served and an extensive selection of drinks. The versatility of the space is remarkable. It effortlessly changes from an intimate setting for a ceremony to a lively party area. The main benefit is the accessibility, ease of parking, and proximity to downtown. Waterview Loft’s top location, excellent service, and delicious food make it a perfect choice for an unbeatable and memorable occasion.


  1. Offers comprehensive all-inclusive vendor packages.
  2. Provides personalized event coordination services.
  3. Delivers exceptional food and diverse drink options.
  4. Features versatile space with stunning river views.
  5. Boasts attentive, professional staff for flawless events.

Basic Info

Address:     130 Atwater St, Detroit, MI 48226, United States
Contact:       +13133074925

    6. Jam Handy

With its rich history and industrial style, Jam Handy provides an exceptional and versatile venue for different events, including weddings. Its capacity to adapt to clients’ wishes is remarkable, providing an idyllic setting that increases the visual appeal of any event. The venue’s flexibility is enhanced by its spacious space, making it ideal for intimate and larger gatherings.

However, some aspects of operation require improvement. A better communication system and staff coordination are crucial to ensure an effortless customer experience. Particularly, paying attention to the smallest specifics, such as lighting, signage, and security at parking spaces, can improve customer safety and comfort.

Despite these issues, The Jam Handy remains an excellent location in Detroit. Its unique style and the dedication of its staff make for memorable occasions. The combination of ambiance and tradition, as well as the versatility, is what makes Jam Handy Jam Handy an ideal choice for those looking for a unique location.


  1. Offers a flexible, customizable event space.
  2. Unique industrial vibe with historical charm.
  3. Supportive staff assists in event planning.
  4. Ideal for stunning photographic opportunities.
  5. Provides essentials like tables, chairs, and sound system.

Basic Info

Address:        2900 E Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI 48202, United States

    7. The Veenetian Hall

Veenetian Hall, a venue with a wide range of activities is notable due to its ability for hosting memorable family gatherings and special celebrations. It is highly praised for its cleanliness, elegant atmosphere, and stunning decor. The hall has consistently delivered excellent service, with a focus on the needs of guests and providing memorable occasions. In particular, the hall has been praised for its hospitality and the warmth of its owner, adding to its popularity as a preferred venue for various occasions.

Yet, Veenetian Hall also needs some help. The exterior design, surrounding neighborhood, and interior design were noted, in addition to operational issues like coordination and facility issues. Despite these issues, the hall’s focus on keeping a professional, clean, and welcoming atmosphere has made a lasting impression on many visitors. In sum, Veenetian Hall, with its excellent services and areas that need improvement is a top option for hosting events of all kinds.


  1. Creative and beautiful decorations.
  2. Spacious and clean environment.
  3. Friendly, professional staff.
  4. Tailored event planning.
  5. Excellent catering services.

Basic Info

Address:        13960 Gratiot Ave, Detroit, MI 48205, United States
Contact:         +13133726808

    8. The Madison Rooftop

Madison in downtown Detroit is a renowned location for hosting diverse occasions, from stunning weddings to corporate events. Its striking blend of contemporary designs and authentic Detroit charm creates a warm and unforgettable atmosphere. The venue’s main attraction is its spectacular rooftop that offers breathtaking views that provide the perfect touch to any gathering.

The key to the success of The Madison is the skilled and experienced staff who ensure every event runs effortlessly and smoothly. Attention to the most minor details and their exceptional organizational capabilities create a pleasant event for guests and hosts alike. The venue’s versatility and practicality will accommodate large and smaller gatherings, making it a flexible option for various occasions.

In sum, The Madison distinguishes itself as a top venue in Detroit for those looking for an elegant, well-managed space with excellent service. Madison’s ability to create memorable events makes it a must for those who want to host the event of a lifetime.


  1. Skilled coordinators like Lauren Jacks ensure seamless event management.
  2. The rooftop offers panoramic city views for unique event settings.
  3. The Madison features modern, adaptable spaces for various events.
  4. The staff is professional, friendly, and attentive to guest needs.
  5. Comprehensive services include catering, audio/visual support, and comfort.

Basic Info

Address:         1555 Broadway St, Detroit, MI 48226, United States
Contact:         +13133738720

    9. Garden Theater

Garden Theater in Detroit is a unique wedding venue renowned for its distinctive combination of modern industrial and romantic elegance. Its staff members, particularly Amy and BJ, have been consistently recognized for their professionalism, responsiveness, and genuine desire to make every wedding memorable. The venue’s flexibility is an asset, effortlessly accommodating a variety of wedding settings from intimate weddings to lavish receptions, all within its stunning area adorned with red bricks and gun metal sound dampeners.

What makes The Garden Theater apart is its staff’s focus on detail and the willingness to go over and beyond to ensure an enjoyable and stress-free experience for couples. From spontaneous slideshows to thoughtful touches like martinis, cigars, and Ice luges, each aspect makes for a memorable guest experience. Although there are some minor flaws, the overall feeling is one of joy and cherished memories. Garden Theater Garden Theater emerges as a location and a beloved place for people looking for the most unique, elegant, and well-managed wedding in Detroit.


  1. Expert coordination and planning by Amy.
  2. BJ and Biko excel in event execution.
  3. Unique ambiance with industrial-romantic flair.
  4. Seamless vendor collaboration and integration.
  5. Exceptional guest services and unique amenities.

Basic Info

Address:      3929 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201, United States
Contact:      +13138320888

    10. Belle Isle Casino

Its Belle Isle Casino in Detroit is an attractive and historical venue perfect for hosting weddings or other important occasions. The beautiful setting, elaborate interior decor, a flexible layout comprising two floors, and an outdoor veranda make it a favorite venue for big gatherings. The location’s proximity to the main attractions in Belle Isle enhances its appeal, especially for guests from far away.

While the Casino is known for its stunning views and affordable prices, prospective renters must know a few limitations. They include poor parking lot lighting, occasionally insufficient air conditioning during hot summer days, and a lack of access for guests with disabilities. Bathrooms outside are also criticized due to maintenance problems. Despite these shortcomings, the Belle Isle Casino’s historical significance and the ongoing efforts to restore it contribute to its appeal as a memorable and unique place to celebrate special occasions in Detroit.


  1. Offers versatile event spaces on multiple floors.
  2. Scenic location with stunning Belle Isle views.
  3. Historic charm with ornate, elegant decorations.
  4. Close to Belle Isle’s attractive attractions.
  5. Budget-friendly option for hosting events.

Basic Info

Address:       Casino Way, Detroit, MI 48224, United States
Contact:       +13138219844

    11. Tireman Conference & Banquet Center

The venue offers a variety of experiences that capture the highlights and downs of event hosting. It is an outstanding location for large-scale celebrations because it can make memorable memories for important events like birthdays, weddings, parties, and gatherings with family. But it has its challenges. Certain visitors have faced issues, including additional service costs, inadequate air conditioning, or questions about hygiene and maintenance. However, despite these issues, The venue has been praised for its space and security, as well as the professionalism of the staff. The venue’s versatility is advantageous; it can accommodate various occasions, from intimate gatherings to large parties. The ambiance and entertainment choices, such as live music, enhance the attraction. It’s a venue where memories are created, but prospective tenants should be mindful of the negative reviews and ensure that their specific requirements can be met for a great experience at this place.


  1. Versatile for weddings, birthdays, and family events.
  2. Ample space for small to medium gatherings.
  3. Live music and entertainment options.
  4. Secure environment with gated parking.
  5. Kind and professional staff assistance.

Basic Info

Address:      8031 Tireman Ave, Detroit, MI 48204, United States
Contact:       +13136598900