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Wedding Ideas for a Bride Shopping on a Budget

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I’ve invited my friend and bride-to-be Erin to do some guest posts on the site as she plans her upcoming wedding. Follow this blog as Erin shows how she finds the balance as a budget bride.

In my dreams at night there is a constant thought-bubble floating above my ethereal body: “BUDGET” – in all CAPS, even. Everywhere I turn that haunting word controls my actions. Truthfully, it’s not as fun as a spending spree and definitely not as easy – but hey, who doesn’t enjoy a challenge?  Even in my pre-wedding planning days I loved a sale. I get pretty regular comments on my fabulous attire (I’m, ahem, so modest) and upon thanking the kind souls who stop and say “Hey, I love your shoes!” I always add “They were only $20 at Marshalls!” after my thank you. I do love a good bargain and I love sharing the deals.

I have been making decision after decision and purchase after purchase (after purchase) for the upcoming nuptials and I am always looking to get the most for my money! I have learned some valuable things along the way…

  • eBay can be your best friend… or your worst enemy: Man, are there some great prices for everything under the sun on that website. Usually the items you have purchased are coming from somewhere in Asia so read all the shipping and return policies! You really have to plan ahead in order to bid your way through the planning process. I ordered 100 peacock feathers for 9.99 about 3 weeks ago – they are to come from Singapore…. I’m still waiting for them.
  • Sign up for coupons online: I went shopping with my amazing future aunt, Tonia, to get our creative juices flowing for all things décor related. Hobby LobbyMichaels, JoAnn FabricsKirkland’s, the list could go on. ALL of those stores offer online coupons! All you need is an email address. Each day, my heart flutters as I log into my account and anticipate the savings tucked inside. And with the ease of a printer, I can use almost every coupon they send my way. Not only is DIY less expensive, it’s convenient!
  • Social Networks are likable: Along with receiving coupons in your email, almost all the large chain stores have facebook and/or twitter pages. Like/Follow your way to your favorite store’s specials – the in-store savings are posted constantly.  And since we are all addicted to our social networks, we can never be left out of what’s going on in the real world… in regards to shopping, anyway.

Speaking of budgets, my fiancé and I are working on ours to prepare for combining our paychecks, bills, DEBT (eek), and spending habits … I can see why couples argue about money – it’s just one more thing to learn to compromise on! After all, we only have so much of it.

So, what are you budget secrets? Is planning a wedding on a budget helping you prepare for marriage on a budget?

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