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13 Cheap Wedding Venues In Grand Rapids

Cheap Wedding Venues In Grand Rapids is the best resource for cheap wedding venues in Grand Rapids. We’re experts at providing you with the most cheap venues for your wedding in the comfort of your own home. Our team of experts meticulously collects and provides all the necessary details regarding every location, which makes finding the most cheap wedding locations within Grand Rapids a breeze. We know that your wedding is a big deal and work to make your planning as easy as possible. Along with the specific descriptions of the venues, we give the contact information for each venue, allowing you to contact them for more details. In this article, we’ll look at the distinctive features of the various Grand Rapids wedding venues, ensuring you know all the information you need to make an informed choice to plan your perfect wedding.

    1. The Cheney Place

Cheney Place Cheney Place is a highly prestigious wedding venue for its beautiful elegance and unique appeal. The versatile spaces, ranging from cozy receptions on the second floor to chic cocktail rooms, are ideal for creating unforgettable experiences. What sets The Cheney Place apart is the staff’s outstanding professionalism and quickness, who ensure that each event goes smoothly and without stress. The Cheney Place offers a range of catering options that allow couples to customize their wedding day. Focusing on the detail of vintage decorations, like chandeliers and furniture, gives the venue a sense of class and timelessness. The Cheney Place is ideal for all sizes of guests; The Cheney Place excels in both intimate and extravagant celebrations. Its dedication to providing a seamless event makes it perfect for couples who want an unforgettable, stress-free wedding. It’s Cheney Place is not just an event space but an integral part of creating memorable moments. It is highly recommended for its services and the distinctive value it can bring to every wedding.


  1. Offers stunning, versatile event spaces.
  2. Boasts highly professional, responsive staff.
  3. Provides flexible catering options.
  4. Features customizable decoration and furniture.
  5. Excels in comprehensive event management.

Basic Info

Address:     1600 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49505, United States
Contact:      +16163046261

    2. Clearwater Place Event Venue

Clearwater Place is a stunning venue, ideal for hosting weddings or other occasions. The gorgeous outdoor and indoor locations offer endless opportunities for photography, providing a beautiful backdrop for any event. The venue is equipped with luxury suites for bride and groomsmen preparations. This is an aspect that makes it stand out from other venues. The elegant layout, which includes beautiful white curtain panels, permits a seamless transition between the wedding and reception spaces.

The excellent service Clearwater Place offers is noteworthy, with an attentive staff that ensures the smooth execution of your event. The venue is a unique one that can accommodate both receptions and wedding ceremonies that provide ease and comfort to guests. Delicious dining experiences, accentuated by a high-quality food service, enhance the venue’s charm. Even with some challenges for acoustics within the vast space, the historic beauty of the venue, clean facilities, well-maintained facilities, and the bright and cheerful atmosphere add to its attraction. In the end, Clearwater Place is a flexible and beautiful venue, making it the perfect choice for those wanting a memorable and easy event experience.


  1. Breathtaking indoor and outdoor event spaces.
  2. Private, comfortable bridal and groom suites.
  3. Elegant curtains for seamless space transition.
  4. Exceptional service from dedicated staff.
  5. Delicious catering options from reputable partners.

Basic Info

Address: 1   430 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49505, United States

    3. Revel Center

Revel Center in Grand Rapids, MI, is a stylish and flexible venue perfect for weddings or special events. The simple exterior hides an impressive interior that enthralls and amazes guests with its transformative features. The venue offers a fun bar, a game room, and spacious cooking rooms, providing an unforgettable experience for everyone who attends.

The key to the Revel Center’s attractiveness is the efficiency and professionalism of its staff members, which play a vital part in ensuring that the Revel Center can host flawless and memorable occasions. Their attentiveness to details and promptness are significant parts of an overall positive experience.

Prospective customers need to know that certain aspects, like the speed of space and bar service turnover, have received mixed responses. These factors are vital to those planning a party in Revel Center. Revel Center. While the center offers a gorgeous location and a dedicated staff, a keen understanding of the operational nuances is crucial to ensure a satisfying event.


  1. Stunning interior transforms a basic exterior.
  2. Staff known for professionalism and helpfulness.
  3. Includes cocktail space, arcade, and preparation rooms.
  4. Excellent support in event planning and coordination.
  5. Quality catering and exceptional bar services.

Basic Info

Address:     1535 Monroe Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49505, United States
Contact:     +16162026524

    4. New Vintage Place

New Vintage Place distinguishes itself as a dreamy wedding venue and is renowned for its expansive area for ceremonies, with well-lit areas and various reception venues. Couples frequently praise the professional staff at the venue for their outstanding support and sensitivity throughout the planning process and on the day of the wedding to ensure the best possible experience. The beautiful layout and decor, combined with its cheap prices as well as its exclusive usage policy, make it a desirable venue. Although the overall pleasant experience usually overshadows minor issues like additional charges for additional services. Nevertheless, the couple must be mindful of possible communication difficulties and professionalism regarding managers. Ultimately, New Vintage Place offers a fantastic atmosphere, devoted service, and an ideal place to create beautiful memories that will last forever, making it a perfect option for couples looking for an exceptional wedding location.


  1. Offers spacious, versatile spaces for ceremonies and receptions.
  2. Provides professional, supportive staff for seamless planning.
  3. Features beautiful decor and stunning natural lighting.
  4. Allows exclusive use of the entire venue for privacy.
  5. Situated conveniently with ample amenities and parking.

Basic Info

Address: 889 Broadway Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, United States
Contact: +16167744400

    5. The Lit GR

The Lit The Lit, a venue rich in historical charm and architectural beauty, is trendy for many occasions. Its original decorations, like Tiffany stained glass and an impressive staircase, make for a stunning backdrop for wedding photos and other celebrations. Although some have had issues with the venue’s management, Rye Venue Management, other guests have appreciated the venue’s charming vintage style, excellent communication, and friendly staff. The Lit’s ability to adapt to events and its warm environment caters to various needs, providing the guests with a memorable experience. The series of concerts lit by candlelight is a distinctive feature, providing a private and unique way to experience music. Overall, The Lit’s attractive design mix, p, professional management, and ability to accommodate guests is a beautiful and flexible option for a venue that blends old-fashioned, elegant design with modern-day service.


  1. Picturesque settings ideal for photography.
  2. Efficient and adaptive event management.
  3. Unique experiences like candlelight concerts.
  4. Inclusive, welcoming atmosphere for all.
  5. Historic charm meets modern service.

Basic Info

Address:      61 Sheldon Blvd SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, United States
Contact:       +16162143120

    6. The Harris Building

The Harris Building is a great wedding venue renowned for its distinctive mix of historical appeal and contemporary elegance. The stunning architecture, with exposed bricks and a spectacular dome that stretches over the dance floor, creates a fantastic atmosphere for any occasion. The venue isn’t just about appearances; it is also a leader in providing exceptional service. The dedicated employees, including expert coordinators and DJs, ensure every aspect is carefully planned and executed, ensuring a smooth and easy wedding day for couples. Catering in the house, a delicious menu, and professional bartenders will add to the overall experience. Although there have been minor problems, for instance, an unexpected DJ change at the last minute, The venue has proven its flexibility and responsiveness by adjusting its procedures. Overall, the Harris Building is an excellent wedding venue for couples who want the most memorable and elegantly planned wedding day that combines historic splendor with exceptional service.


  1. Experienced coordinators for seamless event planning.
  2. Enchanting venue with exposed brick and dome.
  3. Distinctive Catering provides delicious food and drinks.
  4. Talented DJs ensure a lively music experience.
  5. Spacious bridal suite and valet parking for convenience.

Basic Info

Address:      111 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, United States
Contact:       +16162562535

    7. Venue3Two

Set in a surprising urban location in Grand Rapids, Venue3Two stands out as an original and romantic wedding location. The seamless blend of class and practicality entices guests as soon as they enter. The venue has the most stunning bridal suite, an exclusive salon for hair and makeup, and a luxurious dining space designed to give guests the most memorable experience. Photographers especially love the venue’s abundance of lighting and picturesque locations, making it the perfect spot to capture beautiful wedding photos.

The staff at Venue3Two is praised for their efficiency and professionalism, ensuring that each event goes smoothly. This focus on particulars, in conjunction with the charming atmosphere and various locations, makes it an ideal option for couples looking to have an unforgettable wedding. In addition, the venue’s dedication to investing profits back into local communities adds an extra dimension to the wedding celebrations held there. Overall, Venue3Two offers a perfect mix of service, beauty, and a sense of community and is the ideal choice for weddings located in Grand Rapids.


  1. Elegant bridal and groom suites for comfortable preparation.
  2. Professional staff ensures smooth event execution.
  3. Photogenic indoor and outdoor spaces for stunning photos.
  4. Upscale dining room for elegant receptions.
  5. Profits reinvested into local community initiatives.

Basic Info

Address: 3232 Shaffer Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512, United States
Contact: +16167190006

    8. Studio D2D Event Center

Studio D2D in downtown GR is a standout location, well-known for its flexibility and efficiency in hosting weddings and corporate events. Its stunning loft space and a range of services will ensure an unforgettable and relaxing experience. The all-inclusive style of the venue, which includes on-site floristry and various preferred vendors, makes it easier to manage the planning process and lets couples focus on their wedding day. The skilled coordination team is adept in planning and executing events flawlessly and tailoring the services to each customer’s specific requirements. With modern bridal suites filled with sunlight and the ability to accommodate small to large-scale groups, Studio D2D can meet the needs of a wide range of clients. The flexibility extends to different celebrations, including non-traditional weddings, demonstrating a commitment to making each event memorable. Customers consistently praise the venue for its excellent service to customers and its focus on detail, making Studio D2D an ideal choice for anyone looking for an elegant and hassle-free wedding occasion in Grand Rapids.


  1. Expert event planners for seamless organization.
  2. Creative on-site floristry services.
  3. Elegant loft spaces for all event sizes.
  4. Wide range of preferred vendors.
  5. Spacious, well-lit bridal suites.

Basic Info

Address:     401 Hall St SW suite 120, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, United States
Contact:      +16164660061

    9. The Broadway Avenue

Its Broadway Avenue in Grand Rapids is a standout venue unique in its blend of glamour and controversies. The transformation of the historic church into a chic event space has received a lot of admiration for its expansiveness, stylish decor, elegant design, and relaxing atmosphere that adds the perfect touch of elegance for any event. It is a popular choice for business and wedding receptions. The venue provides excellent food and professional service, which makes it an unforgettable option for special events.

Monitoring negative feedback about the management experience and customer service is also essential. Although many customers have had good experiences, some have reported problems regarding professionalism and communication and allegations of shady practices. The reports contradict each other and suggest that even though Broadway Avenue has the potential to be an outstanding venue for events, potential guests should tread carefully, considering the necessity of careful research and evaluation of the numerous reviews.


  1. Transformed historic church into a unique, elegant venue.
  2. High-quality, delicious catering and meal tastings.
  3. Attentive, professional, and friendly staff.
  4. Versatile for small and large events.
  5. Offers stunning photography opportunities.

Basic Info

Address: 1140 Broadway Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, United States

    10. The Bissell Tree House at John Ball Zoo

Its Bissell Tree House in Grand Rapids is an exceptional location for weddings and other events, with a mix of natural beauty and expert service. Set in lush greenery, this unique venue offers stunning views and a close connection to wildlife, creating an unforgettable backdrop for any event. The dedicated coordinators of the venue are highly praised for their efficiency and professionalism, which ensures an effortless experience for guests and hosts alike.

Perfect for small- to medium-sized gatherings. The tree house has both outdoor and indoor areas, with an enclosed porch for wedding ceremonies and two decks for outdoor use. The essential amenities include a shuttle bus service and outdoor heaters to increase guests’ comfort. Although the venue impresses due to little need for decoration, It’s vital to take note of the time limitations to set up and the constraints of catering choices.

Overall, The Bissell Tree House can be highly recommended due to its beautiful atmosphere, outstanding service, and memorable experience, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for an exclusive and stylish venue for events.


  1. Stunning natural setting with wildlife views.
  2. Efficient event coordination and planning support.
  3. Versatile indoor and outdoor event spaces.
  4. Convenient shuttle bus transportation service.
  5. Comfort-enhancing amenities like outdoor heaters.

Basic Info

Address:     1300 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, United States
Contact:      +16163364314

    11. Goei Center

The Goei Center stands out as the best venue, mixing historic charm and modern style ideal for all kinds of occasions, from weddings to corporate events. The large and elegant layout, accentuated by the rustic wooden floors and chic decor, allows for large gatherings comfortably, creating an enthralling ambiance. It is noteworthy that the venue offers exceptional service. The staff, especially Kylie and Katie, are praised for their professionalism, dedication, and ability to translate ideas into reality. The Goei Centre’s effectiveness in planning and executing events is always praised, assuring smooth and memorable events. Additional amenities such as a well-stocked bar, engaging amenities, and a relaxing water feature improve an overall feeling. The ability of the venue to provide an inviting atmosphere, whatever the weather, is a significant reason for its popularity. The transformation of the Goei Center from a former furniture factory into a stunning venue for events is both respectful and stunning. It is an ideal location for special events, recognized by its distinctive combination of modern chic and refined appeal.


  1. Expert event planning and coordination by staff.
  2. Ample, versatile space for various events.
  3. Engaging amenities including a well-stocked bar.
  4. Personalized service tailored to client needs.
  5. Unique, elegant setting with historical charm.

Basic Info

Address:     818 Butterworth St SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, United States
Contact:      +16169492421

    12. Grand Rapids Downtown Market

Downtown Market Downtown Market, in Grand Rapids, emerges as a stunning wedding location, combining modern style and natural beauty. The unique features, like a gorgeous greenhouse and an elegant reception space, make it the ideal backdrop for weddings and other special events. Although it is praised for its ambiance and friendly staff, certain things need to be considered, for example, timing restrictions and compulsory catering options. However, the quality of services, mainly catering, is admirable. The market is worth visiting beyond weddings, offering various food vendors and lively areas such as the outdoor terrace, increasing its appeal as an energetic community place. Occasionally, issues with coordination highlight the importance of well-organized communication for the event’s success. Ultimately, the Downtown Market is an excellent option for weddings and a central feature for Grand Rapids, offering a memorable experience for celebrations and casual visits.


  1. Beautiful greenhouse and reception spaces for weddings.
  2. High-quality catering options, including praised services.
  3. Wide range of food vendors and local shops.
  4. Versatile for events like luncheons and celebrations.
  5. Responsive and helpful staff for smooth coordination.

Basic Info

Address: 435 Ionia Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, United States
Contact: +16168055308

    13. Crossroads Conference Center

Crossroads Conference Center is an outstanding location for weddings and other important events. It is renowned for its accessible location, excellent service, and care for particulars. The location’s proximity to highways and hotels enhances its accessibility, which makes it an ideal option for guests and hosts alike. The professionalism and devotion to the team, specifically the coordinators, are constantly acknowledged, ensuring that each event runs smoothly and is unforgettable.

Although there are some areas to improve, like periodic maintenance issues, these could be outweighed by the center’s overall quality. The high-end drinks, food, and attentive staff make for a pleasant and welcoming environment. The venue’s flexibility in accommodating large and small gatherings, with beautiful, well-maintained spaces and various catering options, makes it possible to create a unique and personalized experience.

In the end, Crossroads Conference Center is an excellent choice for those looking for a location focused on convenience, top service, and a dedication to making each event memorable and memorable.


  1. Attentive staff ensures smooth events.
  2. Conveniently located near hotels and highways.
  3. Adaptable spaces for all event sizes.
  4. High-quality, diverse catering options.
  5. Exceptional attention to every detail.

Basic Info

Address: 6611 Clay Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49548, United States
Contact:  +16166567777